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December 21, 2002
Mediocre Man! On the vanguard in the fight against petty crime!

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ Making mayonnaise in a copper bowl late one night, mild-mannered reporter Alex Dominguez notices the finished condiment tastes a little metallic.
A little too tipsy to care, he eats his tunafish sandwich and goes to sleep.
He awakes, makes another sandwich and heads to work, where another uneventful day passes... until his walk home.

``Hey, stop… ‘’ he hears while crossing the footbridge across the canal near his home. A half-block away a woman struggles with a dark figure trying to take her purse. His reactions quickened from their normal sluggish pace by the copper pulsing through his veins, the mild-mannered reporter begins running toward the woman, unwittingly becoming ``Mediocre Man.’’
Because of his average speed, he is unable to catch up to the thief, but a jogger nearby notices the chase and yells ``Stop him, he took her purse!’’
Others join in the chase, and ``Mediocre Man,’’ winded after sprinting more than a block, slows to a walk.
The woman catches up, crying. And Mediocre Man begins to run again, catching up to two men who chased the purse snatcher to a busy street.
``Where did he go?’’
``He ran through traffic and went over that fence,’’ they say.
Disappointed, Mediocre Man turns around and walks back.
``He dropped the purse once you started chasing him, and she got it back,’’ another woman approaches and says.
``Thank you,’’ the purse-snatching victim says in a heavy accent.
``De nada,’’ Mediocre Man responds.
And so begins the career of Baltimore’s newest superhero.
Faster than a three-legged terrier, stronger than a middle-aged man, doing whatever the average human can, Mediocre Man fights for common decency.
``Mediocre man, what can we do about Saddam Hussein?’’ he is asked at the produce section at his local supermarket.
``How the fuck do I know, he’s got an entire army,’’ Mediocre Man replies, spying a shoplifter stuffing a banana into his pants.
``Hey, what do you think, they grow on trees?’’ he asks the shoplifter.
``Well, yeah,’’ the shoplifter replies.
``Never mind that, pay for it or put it back.’’
Join us each week, or thereabouts, for the continuing adventures of … …. Mediocre Man!!!!

Posted by Alex at 02:19 AM
December 19, 2002
Please help Galicia recover from this tragedy

Posted by Alex Dominguez on Thursday December 19 @10:51AM

from the Please help dept.

Please take a look at the following Powerpoint slideshow from the northwest Spanish coast, and see if there is any way you can think of to help the resident of Galicia deal with the recent oil spill caused by the sinking of the Prestige. Maybe, just passing this along is enough.

The presentation is in Spanish, but there are two websites listed at the end
to donate, or find out how you can volunteer. The coast is the heart of the $330 million annual fishing industry and the province's tourism industry, both vitally important to the economy.
Thank you,

Download file

Posted by Alex at 04:55 PM
December 18, 2002
Baltimore jury speaks out in favor of gun violence

Posted by By Alex Dominguez on Monday December 16, @10:42PM

from the Oprah Justice dept.
BALTIMORE (JNS) _ Jurors spoke out Monday in favor of the gun violence that has wracked this city, acquitting a man for shooting a priest he claimed had once abused him.

``God is good, all the time,’’ the crowd outside chanted after the 11-woman, one man jury acquitted Dontee Stokes of all but the least serious charges, almost assuring he won't see jail time.

``This was not about vengeance,’’ Stokes told the cheering crowd before asking when the Rev. Maurice Blackwell would be tried. Stokes admitted during the trial that he drove up to Blackwell's home and shot the former priest.

Jurors also asked Judge John Prevas whether they could impose a more lenient sentence on Stokes for the three charges of which he was convicted, counts that carry a maximum three-year sentence.

Republican activists said they were pleased with the verdict, which will help them fight efforts to provide more aid to the city.

``They want more money for their schools? And this is the kind of morals they’re being taught at home. Look at this jury, the fabric of the community, people who are supposed to be instilling their values in their children,’’ said the GOP official.

Advocates of vigilante justice also said the state and city could save money by cutting spending on t he court system and allowing residents to exact their own justice.

``We're hoping to use this as a test case for a national program,'' said Johnny Ringo, a spokesman for the Bronson-Goetz Foundation.

Stokes rejected questions that some might see the verdict as a justification of violence. Stokes also said he would pray for Blackwell, whom he said he shot three times, twice in the left hip and once in the left hand. The former priest now walks with the aid of a cane.

``We just want Mr. Stokes to be able to get on with his life,’’ said defense attorney Warren Brown, who said he would seek probation for his client.

Posted by Alex at 01:06 AM