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November 26, 2002
Saddam's Super Sale!

Posted by Alex on Tuesday November 26, @10:52PM

from the he would if he could dept.

Are you a despot eager to keep down a radical minority?

Are you looking to expropriate the land and property of others?

Do you need to strike fear into the populace?

Well, then get down to Baghdad for Saddam's super weapon super sale.

That's right for one week only Saddam is selling his entire inventory.

Everything must go, mustard gas, anthrax, small pox, enriched uranium.

You name, it's on sale.

Cash and bearer bonds only, no questions asked.

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Re: Saddam's Super Sale!
by Greg Toppo on Tuesday November 26, @10:57PM

Can they beat those double coupons at Scud City?

Posted by Alex at 10:52 AM
November 12, 2002

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Posted by Alex at 11:36 PM
November 02, 2002
Friends, Roamers, Countrymen...

Posted by By Alex Dominguez on Saturday November 02, @05:02PM

from the fall of rome dept.

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ For many days now, we have been engaged in a great struggle, a battle that has tested our perserverance and tried our patience.

The heart of empire’s infrastructure, its drainage system, has for some weeks been partially blocked. Whether by an inanimate object or malevolent force has not been determined.

Hard work and studious engineering, however, appear to have finally succeeded and initial results, although preliminary, show the toilet is again functioning normally _ our long night of slow flushing may be over.

We must remain on guard for any relapse, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who offered their support and services during this crisis, and pardon any who may have inadvertently brought this difficulty upon the empire.

Posted by Alex at 05:02 PM