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October 18, 2001
Pigs still anthrax free!

By Jimmy Dean on Thursday October 18, @07:51PM
from the Vast anti-porcine conspiracy dept.

DES MOINES, Iowa _ Pigs worldwide have remained anthrax free throughout the recent terrorist attacks, pork producers reminded the public Saturday.

``Anthrax is a bacterial disease that originated in cattle and other herd animals, and has never occurred in pigs,'' said Bert Cerdo, a spokesman for the National Pork Producers Council.

``While pork has long been stigmatized by irrational fears over trichinosis, it's high time people realize anthrax can be transmitted by eating meat from infected cattle. The years of cowering in fear are over, we will not be held back any longer by this long-running smear campaign. First, mad cow disease, and now anthrax. Cattle producers and the media have blatantly ignored or hid the truth about beef from the public.....'' an irate Cerdo said before being led away.

Posted by Alex at 07:51 PM
October 09, 2001
Linkage: How long should the chain be?

By El Conde on Tuesday October 09, @09:22PM
from the Who cares if it's a pipedream? dept.

Some are calling for the U.S. to use the Sept. 11 attacks as an opportunity to take care of terrorist problems once and for all on a variety of fronts.
How long a chain of targets the United States should cobble together is obviously the biggest question when discussing this so-called linkage issue.

Iraq, Syria, Libya, the list could go on and on.

One issue that should be included is a final resolution of the Palestinian conflict, which has provided a convenient excuse for terrorists to attract recruits worldwide, even if their main target is the United States and the so-called decadent Western capitalist system.

The United States should use its influence as Israel's largest benefactor to mandate Palestinian statehood in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Once established, the U.S. should also call for democratic elections, which hopefully will lead to the election of someone else besides Arafat and his followers. Jewish settlers should be given the opportunity to stay in Palestine as Palestinian citizens, much like Israeli Arabs, although they will most likely need UN or U.S. protection.

Immediate elections will provide a democratic government and remove the patina of legitimacy that the Palestinian Liberation Organization has enjoyed. Such a move will also provide Israel with a legitimate reason to close its borders if/when further attacks occur, convincing Palestinians it is in their interest to act peacefully towards their biggest trading partner and employer _ a situation not unlike the United States and Mexico.

Western democracies created Israel and have maintained it, creating a clearly defined Palestinian state can only add stability to the region.

Posted by Alex at 09:22 PM