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March 30, 2001
Ouch! That really hurt. Palestinians finally give in.

Posted by Yassar Arafat on Friday March 30, @08:40PM

from the Vengeance is mine! dept.
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RAMALLAH, West Bank (JNS) _ The eye-for-an-eye approach to Middle East peacemaking finally paid off Friday.

``Damn, we give up,’’ said Ibn Fatah Jihad after Israeli forces leveled his entire block. ``Fuck a whole bunch of this shit.’’

``We thought once we blew up two more of their students, they would leave the settlements, but I guess not,’’ Jihad said, tossing down his dusty, tattered day-of-rage banner.

``They really hit us hard this time, and I guess, we just don’t think it’s worth it anymore. They can have the land, we’ll just go back to the refugee camp in the desert and wait for a handout.’’

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rejoiced at the news that his hard-line policies had won over the Palestinians so quickly.

``That’s just like a Palestinian to bring a rock to a tank duel,’’ Sharon said, paraphrasing a line from his favorite movie ``The Untouchables.’’

``Like I always say, `He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. If they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue.’’’

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Posted by Alex at 08:40 PM