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October 01, 2003
Bush declares United States of Arabia

By Alex Dominguez
JNS Special Correspondent
ISTANBUL, Turkey (JNS) _ President Bush today declared the founding of the United States of Arabia and launched its new currency _ the Aro.
``Just like when our country was started, nobody gets along,'' the president
said, flanked by the leaders of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.
``Hopefully, they won't have a civil war like we did.''

The confederation, loosely modeled on the European Union, is designed to help develop the economies of the member countries, particularly Iraq and Palestine, by providing a common currency and open exchange of goods and services between the nations. Saudi oil, Palestinian labor, Jordanian almonds, and Syrian grain, for example, will flow more freely among the open markets.
``Foreign aid will only get us so far. We cannot be a welfare state forever relying on U.S. handouts for our defense and other needs, Iraqi leader Ahmed Chalabi said.
``By providing acess for our products in the United States of Arabia and elsewhere we will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to work hard.

Posted by Alex at October 01, 2003 03:11 AM
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