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November 09, 2000
Maximus! Maximus! Bush supporters chant

Posted by Cancer Man on Thursday November 09, @04:04PM

from the Vox populi dept.

JNS Special Correspondent

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ Supporters of president-elect? George W. Bush took to streets nationwide Thursday, chanting ``Maximus, Maximus!''

The chant refers to the hit-film ``Gladiator,'' in which a popular Roman general sold into slavery manages to remain alive by winning over the crowd in the Coliseum, which begins to chant his name, preventing Caesar from killing him.

``I think this speaks to deep-seated confusion among the electorate in discriminating between reality and the popular media,'' said Xavier Presciente, a psychology professor at Brown University.

``This is compounded by the feeling among some that the Hollywood media elite has had too much influence on Washington politics.''

Presciente noted the presence of actor and director Rob Reiner in Nashville election night, where he was reportedly seeking out Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore at 5 a.m. Wednesday in case he wanted ``company.''

``Such incidents confuse the voter,'' Presciente said. ``This chanting could be seen as a subconscious emanation of concern about undue manipulation by the media elite, a sort of cry to let the people have their voices heard.''

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Posted by Alex at November 09, 2000 04:04 PM
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