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November 24, 2000
Inaugural CONNIE Award goes to anonymous source

Posted by Deep Throat on Friday November 24, @03:53PM

from the keep this under your hat dept.

War Crimes Monitoring Conspiracy Theory Wins 2000 CONNIE Award=

^Jabali News Service=

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ An anonymous source who alerted the Jabali News Service to the existence of a joint NSA-CIA ``Avoid War Crimes Tribunal'' mind control program is the winner of the first annual CONNIE Award. The award is the first of a planned annual awards program for the best conspiracy theory brought to the attention of the Jabali News Service.

A memo detailing the NSA-CIA program was faxed to the Baltimore bureau of a prominent wire service, where it was immediately dismissed by editors, who apparently have been co-opted by the shadow government.

The NSA-CIA entry was made just before the Thanksgiving deadline, beating out the Israel-China arms deal conspiracy theory touted by Jabali Emperor Alex Dominguez.

While the Israel-China theory, which details Israeli hush money to the Gore campaign in exchange for turning a blind-eye to the arms deals, is more probable, JNS editors felt the NSA-CIA offer more story-line possibilities.

``This is much fresher, and open to so many more possibilities,'' said one editor, who did not wish to be identified.

Dominguez removed himself from the voting because his theory was one of the frontrunners for the prize.

The secret memo refers to ``mind control and manipulation techniques on subjects of monitor.''

``We do not have authorization from Congress or Senate. The devices are wireless and cannot be detected; the laws and regulations do not apply,'' the memo reads.

The intended recipient of the memo is instructed to keep subjects awake until mental fatigue sets in and then ``schedule a hearing and invite foreign observers,'' who must be from authorized countries that have applied for U.S. foreign aid.

Posted by Alex at November 24, 2000 03:53 PM
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