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August 11, 2001
^Bush: I’m not funding Middle East war anymore<

Posted by Alex Dominguez,
JNS Special Correspondent on Saturday August 11, @08:41AM

from the Will Rogers common sense approach dept.

WACO, Texas (JNS) _ President Bush announced new tariffs on Saturday, including new duties on imported Canadian trees and exports of capital to rock-throwing areas.
``I know you reporters would like to be sucking in the salt air, filing copy beachside about a story you hope will never end,’’ Bush said at his ranch near Waco, referring to the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

``Well, I’m not about to sit here and continue to spend taxpayer’s money _ our citizens honest, hard-won currency _ year after year to pay for peace that will never come,’’ Bush said before taking a nap after a morning round of golf.

The president said foreign aid to each side would be cut by $100 million for each suicide bombing, drive-by-shooting, mass violent demonstration, settlement expansion, house leveling, targeted assassination or police station attack.

``Americans have a right to expect peace if they pay for it _ a country without war, without fighting, a peaceful country where people live quietly next to each other and don’t throw rocks,’’ Bush said.

Bush decided to increase the tariffs in the wake of calls for a greater U.S. involvement in the Middle East, where a suicide bomber killed 17 and injured almost 100 this week at a Jerusalem pizzeria.

The U.S. currently provides more than $6 billion a year in foreign aid to the Middle East.

Posted by Alex at August 11, 2001 08:41 AM
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