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September 26, 2001
``Pork, because you can’’ replaces ``Other White Meat'' slogan

By Harry Browne on Wednesday September 26, @04:09PM
from the don't fence me in dept.

DES MOINES, Iowa (JNS) _ The National Pork Producer’s Council has decided to replace its longstanding ``Other White Meat’’ slogan in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.
The new slogan ``Pork, because you can’’ is designed to take advantage of the wave of patriotism that has followed the attacks, believed to have been carried out by radical Muslim extremists, whose religion forbids them from eating pork.

``Isn’t it great to be here in America where we can sit down to a meal of porkchops, or bacon, or salami? Show you’re a proud American and eat as you please,’’ said Bert Cerdo, a spokesman for the marketing group.

Other phrases that had been considered to promote pork were ``Still legal in America,’’ and ``Extremism in the defense of pork is no vice.’’

Posted by Alex at September 26, 2001 04:09 PM
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