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April 25, 2002
Bush Takes Abdullah for ride in Pickup 1

By Alex Dominguez
from the it-really-happened-this-time dept.

CRAWFORD, Texas (JNS) _ Following up on the highly successful tour of his ranch on John Deere 1 with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Bush drove Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia around the spread Thursday in Pickup 1.

Bush had considered taking the crown prince for a ride also on the tractor, but concerns that his robes might become entangled in the machinery prompted the president to decide on Pickup 1.

``We offered him some jeans and a cowboy hat, but he said he was pretty sure he knew how to dress for a hot, dry climate,’’ Bush said.

Like the Blair visit, the tour was also a success, lasting more than five hours, even though the two had to communicate through a translator.

"We saw a wild turkey, which was good," Bush said in broken English.

As with Blair, Abdullah also wasn’t willing to stick around and plow under the back 40 acres Bush recently bought from the neighboring I-Rack Ranch. Abdullah, however, said he was interested in helping root out varmints from the western bank of a stream that runs through the property.

Bush declined the offer, but said he expects that job will be finished soon, and was pleased that the Saudi prince offered to fill the tank, if needed.

The crown prince did not comment to the media.

Posted by Alex at April 25, 2002 08:48 AM
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