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January 21, 2004
Bush unconcerned about alcohol abuse during State of the Union address

WASHINGTON (JNS) _ President Bush unabashedly delivered a state of the uion address Tuesday night loaded with common buzz words, showing little concern for millions playing drinking games as they followed his speech at home.
``That wush the greatesh fucking speech ever....'' political science student Ralph Emerson said after watching the address with friends.
Repeatedly mentioning seniors, Medicare, Iraq and the military, Bush loaded up on the terms that prompt game players to drink under rules found on many Internet drinking game sites.

Although it is unclear whether Bush is aware of the rules, he is known to be a proponent of personal responsibility. That stance was criticized by some alcohol abuse counselors.
``For the president to constantly speak about Saddam Hussein and senior citizens is callous knowning what some people will do when they hear those words,'' said Bill Toatler, an alcoholism counselor.
Under rules posted at, players were told to drink one or more times for a variety of references during the speech, including:
_ The state of our union is strong…”
_ “men and women in/of our armed forces”
_ Iraq
_ Terror (however it’s pronounced)
_ Libya or Qaddafi
_ Saddam Hussein or Saddam
_ Weapons of Mass Destruction
_ nukular”
_ he uses a Bushism (i.e. says something that's not really a word, other than “nukular”)
_ Afghanistan or Hamid Karzai (or Pres. Karzai)
_ Loya Jirga
_ multilateral or multilateralism
_ Any word of 5 syllables or more
_ they show a military official in uniform who looks asleep

_ "unilateral"
_ some reference to something the President hasn’t found (i.e. WMD, Osama, etc.)
_ “alienating our allies”
_ if you’ve never heard of the Democrats delivering the response
_ “Liar, liar, pants on fire”

Posted by Alex at 04:12 AM