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June 22, 2002
WORLD CUP REFEREEING: Game shows Shadow Govt. running scared<

By Alex Dominguez
from the you knew it wouldn't be easy dept.

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ The depth to which World Cup refereeing has sunk shows the utter scrambling of the shadow government to discredit in any way possible those who promote the truth, El Conde de Baltimore announced in a statement Saturday.

``Do not be dismayed, the fact that this type of officiating was needed to stop the Spanish team will only serve to reinforce our message in the hearts and minds of the world,'' El Conde said a statement released by Moreham Manor, the English name for his wartime headquarters.

``Remember, the real struggle is not on the soccer field. This game and this tournament, despite its results, have shown the truth.''

Spain was eliminated from the tournament 5-3 on penalty kicks after a 0-0 tie with host South Korea, which had previously eliminated Italy in a game in which officiating was also questioned.

Egyptian referee Gamal Ghandour disallowed three Spanish goals, including a overtime score by striker Fernando Morientes that television replays clearly showed should have counted.

Ghandour rejected the goal after one of his linesmen said the ball had crossed the endline before Joaquin Sanchez passed it to Morientes, who headed the pass into the goal.

``They can take away goals, they can take away Cuba and the Philippines, diminish the power of Hungary, meddle in South American economies, attack the Catholic church, and discredit pork _ the meat of the masses. They cannot, however, kill the truth, only try to distract us from it,'' El Conde said.

Posted by Alex at 04:17 AM