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November 17, 2000
Shadow Govt. hacks Jabali site to subdue Chinese arms story

The stories they couldn't keep you from reading

Posted by Your Emperor on Friday November 17, @10:03AM

from the Can't keep us down dept.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the text of the full story JNS put out using its vast e-mail list on Thursday as the shadow govt. was trying to suppress this information. Since then, Dack McSwain has confirmed the report saying ``Everything isn't always what it seems...''

BALTIMORE (JNS) _ The shadow government hacked the Jabali web site to prevent the release of a Jabali News Service report about ties between Israeli arms sales to China and the Gore campaign.

Emperor Alex Dominguez immediately said he suspected neighborhood secret agent Dack McSwain, who publicly dismissed the report.

``He's paranoid, no one believes that stuff,'' McSwain said.

However, Jabali systems administrator Halcyon Skinner said the hacker, or hackers, were extremely sophisticated and had been able to plant a backdoor in the Empire's command and control system. Further attacks are still possible, but Skinner said ``we will know how to respond'' if hackers strike again.

The hackers diverted all attempts to access the Jabali web site to eBay, the popular online auction site. The Jabali site was unavailable from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

Skinner said the backdoor had been in place for some time, and he was not sure why the site was brought down on Wednesday. The hacking occurred as the Jabali News Service was preparing to post an article on the ongoing Florida recount in the presidential election. JNS reported that the Gore team is desperately seeking to keep the White House in Democratic hands because Texas Gov. George W. Bush can?t be counted on to keep the secret arms deals under wraps.

Sources tell JNS that Bush is known to be a loose cannon, who can't be bought and can't keep his mouth shut. Moreover, there are concerns that the growing enmity between Gore and Bush will prompt Bush to make the arms sales public even though they could harm his administration as well. The deals reportedly included campaign donations by Israeli arms interests to the Democratic campaign in exchange for turning a blind eye to the deals.

While McSwain publicly disavowed any knowledge of the hacking or the Chinese arms deal, sources say he tried to convince his superiors to ignore the issue, fearing such hacking would only draw attention to the claims.

``He's just making this stuff up in his spare time. If he hits on the truth, who's going to believe him? But no, they think he's got some inside line, so they post me here, to Baltimore, and now I've got to hang out in that stupid coffee shop trying to keep him off track,'' McSwain said.

``What's worse is, he hits it on the head and they go ape-shit, so I've got to hack the site, and now he's got more story line for his stupid little soap opera and people think it's funny, so he's actually getting the story out. Jesus Christ, do you believe this shit? And I could be out somewhere actually doing some wet-ops, but, no, I've got to be here babysitting this guy.''

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Posted by Alex at November 17, 2000 10:03 AM
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