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November 28, 2000
Gore/Lieberman seek Canadian votes

Posted by Guy Lombardo on Tuesday November 28, @09:33PM

from the It was only a matter of time dept.

OTTAWA (JNS) _ Al Gore and Joe Lieberman have asked the Supreme Court to include votes from Canada's recent federal election in the U.S. presidential election, noting Canadians vacation so frequently in Florida they should be counted as citizens.
``Why do you think Florida has all these hockey teams? Coincidence? I think not,'' Lieberman said.

Gore and Lieberman were popular write-in candidates during the recently concluded Canadian election, and many want to live in the U.S., especially Florida, Lieberman said.

``These voters spend a significant amount of time in Florida, certainly as much as many U.S. military personnel or those who live part-time in New York or Israel,'' Lieberman said.

Gore asked the Supreme Court to rule quickly before the spring thaw melts some Yukon votes, which were etched in ice, the so-called arctic butterfly ballot.

Gore and Lieberman have been asking for recounts of the Florida presidential election, the key to winning the White House.

Posted by Alex at November 28, 2000 09:33 PM
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