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December 13, 2000
Bush victory frees Dems, minorities to return to complaining

Posted by Bill Kvetch on Wednesday December 13, @10:35PM

from the It all works out dept.

WASHINGTON (JNS) _ George W. Bush's White House victory has freed Democrats to return to their rightful place in society - the downtrodden, critic of the upper class.

``Let the whining begin,'' said Nathan Bukowski, a liberal arts professor at New York University.

``I was so tired of listening to Rush Limbaugh fret about Clinton's sex life. Now, it's our turn to carp from the sidelines and try to bring down Bush.''

Complaining about how things should be is very difficult while in power, although the Republican-led Congress provided plenty of wiggle room, he said.

The victory frees blacks, Hispanics, women and Jews to resume full-time criticism of a white-run American society that just doesn't get it.

``The death penalty alone will keep the faxes humming for years,'' Bukowski said.

Republicans, meanwhile, can return to their now comfortable role of stubborn, self-righteous defensiveness. ``Thank God, and I really mean that, now we can return to snide comments about unions and lazy welfare-cheating workers,'' said Granfield Baker III.

Posted by Alex at December 13, 2000 10:35 PM
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