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June 10, 2001
Rage against the film machine!!!!

Posted by El Conde on Sunday June 10, @09:09AM
from the these are my choices? dept.

How much longer will we keep digesting ``Moulin Rougeíí and other pap and pretending itís relevant, or worse accept its as our pop culture signposts.
Surely, the emergence of the Internet and other new media should free us, finally, of the hegemony of the tired minds of Los Angeles and New York so we can stop looking back to Paris and London of the 1890s.

Oooh, pointillism. I get it. Iím so smart.

What Iím really trying to say here is every time you pay $6 or $8 to watch that crap you help keep this mindset alive.

The only way to stop the madness is to stop supporting it, just like the so-called war on drugs. The day affluent suburban white kids stop buying LSD, cocaine and marijuana is the day innocent 3-year-olds, police officers and Third World peasants stop dying at the hands of the drug industry.

Even without the Internet, there are better choices out there.

Why doesnít someone ask Gary Trudeau make a cartoon movie?

Iíd much rather hear his characters chat about why you canít hang your laundry on a clothesline in an LA suburb to save energy than watch Nicole Kidman put on some cheesy burlesque outfit.

Posted by Alex at June 10, 2001 09:09 AM
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