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June 22, 2001
Almodovar's ``Reconquering Cuba'' _ Stunning tour-de-force

Posted by Antonio Banderas on Friday June 22, @11:58PM

from the pipedream school of journalism dept.

Dear Readers:
Since some film studios have taken it upon themselves to invent reviewers to provide fake blurbs about their films, we here at the Jabali News Service _ keeping in line with our news mission _ have decided to review films that don't exist, but probably should.

Almodovar's ``Reconquering Cuba''

A stunning tour-de-force

Alex Dominguez: Jabali News Service

With this tightly-crafted tale of mystical realism, Pedro Almodovar, Spain's most well-known director, has produced his best film to date.

Penelope Cruz stars as the heiress to a Cuban rum fortune who suffers the Castro regime, feigning loyalty to the dictator's communist ideals, all the while seeking to change the system from within.

After years of struggle, she begins to lose hope, but the visit of Pope John Paul II provides her with an opportunity to get close to Castro, and she convinces him to return the country to Spain, citing the example of fascist Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, who restored the monarchy and created an economic miracle.

Cruz succeeds by playing to Castro's enmity toward the United States, his fond memories of his father's tales of his childhoold in Spain's lush, green Galicia region, and his desire to aid the Cuban people.

Joaquin Phoenix and Luciano Pavarotti are respectable in the roles of the younger and older Castros. The scenes of Cuba are beautiful and the music transcends the standard Buena Vista Social Club fare.

Posted by Alex at June 22, 2001 11:58 PM
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