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September 15, 2001
That’s the best you fucking got?

By Alex Dominguez, JNS Special Correspondent on Saturday September 15, @10:21AM
from the Should have let sleeping dogs lie dept.
BALTIMORE (JNS) _ The following is an open letter from the editorial staff of the Jabali News Service.

To the terrorist assholes this may concern:

We woke up in comfortable beds this morning, went downstairs and had some breakfast. The power is still on, the television works, the Internet is running.

You obviously don’t have any troops to attack us with, and you’re not going to get any more planes.

The rescue continues in New York and the stock market is closed for a while, but there’s still plenty of money in the bank and plenty of food at the supermarket. We’re not selling stocks on Monday, we’re probably buying more.

We’re also not going to lash out at our Arab neighbors and give them a reason to join your radical fringe. Worse for you, we’re probably heading to your base of support to get you and win over your followers with capitalism and kindness.

Posted by Alex at September 15, 2001 10:21 AM
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