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See you Wednesday!


Off for a quick visit home. I’ll be back Wednesday to serve all your coffee favorites! Now, even better from my La Pavoni lever machine which has a fresh set of seals!

New Harvest Beans!

Organic Brazil for our fine espresso drinks!

Kenya AA Plus and Colombia Huila Supremo for French Press!



Christmas Chorizo Making!

Hung by the kitchen cabinets with care, in hopes Christmas would soon be here.

Made a dozen from one 9 lb pork shoulder! Should be ready for cooking just in time for Christmas!


Shake and Make Mayo in a coffee cup!

Put two egg yolks, a little mustard and your favorite spices in in the bottom of a paper coffee cup. Add a garlic clove or two to help agitate the mixture, and maybe a piece of lemon. Add a little oil and shake.
Then add a little more. Keep repeating until it gets a stick as you want it, you can squeeze a little lemon into to thin it and then keep adding more oil.


Then, scoop it out and serve!


We have a Gizzard Sauce winner!


Signe guessed the randomly drawn two-digit number (26!) and won a free bottle of gizzard sauce. How has she survived without it? She has graciously left the bottle here for other customers to contemplate. (Contestants must be 18 years or older, one drawing a day per customer, offer not valid in Guam or Uzbekistan.)

DIY Tortilla Chips


Homemade tortilla chips, hand cut and fried in olive oil! The star-shaped cut allows you to cook and turn eight at once, cutting them from inexpensive corn tortillas.

Homemade cream cheese!


Steam your old heavy cream, squeeze a lemon into it, pour into a strainer lined with a coffee filter and chill while it drains. The dark spots are lemon seeds I mistakenly left in the curds.

Brandy soaked espresso shot!


The alcohol seems to free some more fat from the beans and make the shot even creamier!


It’s like a Cuban coffee, but instead of putting sugar on top of the coffee, some brandy is sprinkled on top!

Thinking homemade Mac n’ Cheese on a snowy day


…Fairly simple, mix semolina and water, make the pasta dough, push a bit at a time along the corrugated maker with the edge of a knife, boil a bit and then drain, in the same pan heat milk, butter, corn starch until thick, add cheese and parsley.

And don’t’ forget, now you can save time and order fresh-roasted coffee and other fine Jabali products online for pickup at the store, where your order will be waiting.

Order Online, Pick up at Jabali!

The packaged roast coffee
The packaged roast coffee

Arab Coffee

I had never heard of Arab coffee until Hassan came from Kuwait to stay with me.  It’s drunk in very small amounts slightly more than an ounce or two,  and really tastes more like a tea than coffee.    The coffee is roasted extremely blonde, coarsely ground and then boiled for about 10 minutes with cardamom seeds.  The light roast means hardly any caffeine is lost, which is why they drink it in such small amounts.


New La Pavoni lever espresso maker!

Just arrived at the Jabali, where we now have two lever machines to serve up hand-pulled shots.

La Pavoni Professional 16 cup espresso maker, the same great hand-pulled espresso with twice the capacity!
La Pavoni Professional 16 cup espresso maker, the same great hand-pulled espresso with twice the capacity!

Espresso Roast

The raw beans
The raw beans



Espresso roast development is underway at the Jabali. First attempt today using Sumatra Mandgeling. Set Behmor for 9:00 and extended roast about 30 seconds, would have extended more but the roaster stopped allowing me to add more time. I’ll try 10:00 program time next.

Roast Your Own Coffee!


Roast Your Own Coffee! 

Now at the Jabali, choose your favorite green coffee beans from our growing global selection and run them through our little roaster!

Coffee is best within a week of roasting, so roast as much as you’ll need for the next week. You can roast as little as a quarter pound for only $4!


Hello world!

Welcome to the Jabali, your neighborhood meeting space.

The Jabali is available for rent for small parties and meetings. You can contact me at and 443-831-2862 or book online through, where the room is listed as “Meeting Nook.”

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