On the hunt in La Habana!

We must find the elusive Yuban people. Apparently, they were an African tribe that escaped from slavery and preserve their culture and music up in the Cuban hills, including the first freeze dried coffee.

It’s an ancient African technique that is lost to time.
They must’ve found a way to do it with Vibranium they brought from Fecunda. I mean geranium, I don’t want to step on Marvel’s toes.

Banana Balls


Half Dozen $2! With Nutella!

Getting More Beans!

We will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while I travel up to the giant warehouse and pick up three more bags: an Ethiopian organic Yergachefe, a sustainable Sumatran, and beans from Malawi grown by a women’s cooperative.


Mug Rug Anyone?


Who doesn’t need a set of Mug Rug coffee coasters? Perfect for keeping your cup warm and it comes with handy pockets for sugar and your favorite spoon!

Shake and Make Mayo in a coffee cup!

Put two egg yolks, a little mustard and your favorite spices in in the bottom of a paper coffee cup. Add a garlic clove or two to help agitate the mixture, and maybe a piece of lemon. Add a little oil and shake.
Then add a little more. Keep repeating until it gets a stick as you want it, you can squeeze a little lemon into to thin it and then keep adding more oil.


Then, scoop it out and serve!


We have a Gizzard Sauce winner!


Signe guessed the randomly drawn two-digit number (26!) and won a free bottle of gizzard sauce. How has she survived without it? She has graciously left the bottle here for other customers to contemplate. (Contestants must be 18 years or older, one drawing a day per customer, offer not valid in Guam or Uzbekistan.)

DIY Tortilla Chips


Homemade tortilla chips, hand cut and fried in olive oil! The star-shaped cut allows you to cook and turn eight at once, cutting them from inexpensive corn tortillas.

Homemade cream cheese!


Steam your old heavy cream, squeeze a lemon into it, pour into a strainer lined with a coffee filter and chill while it drains. The dark spots are lemon seeds I mistakenly left in the curds.

Brandy soaked espresso shot!


The alcohol seems to free some more fat from the beans and make the shot even creamier!


It’s like a Cuban coffee, but instead of putting sugar on top of the coffee, some brandy is sprinkled on top!

Thinking homemade Mac n’ Cheese on a snowy day


…Fairly simple, mix semolina and water, make the pasta dough, push a bit at a time along the corrugated maker with the edge of a knife, boil a bit and then drain, in the same pan heat milk, butter, corn starch until thick, add cheese and parsley.

And don’t’ forget, now you can save time and order fresh-roasted coffee and other fine Jabali products online for pickup at the store, where your order will be waiting.

Order Online, Pick up at Jabali!

The packaged roast coffee
The packaged roast coffee