Thinking homemade Mac n’ Cheese on a snowy day


…Fairly simple, mix semolina and water, make the pasta dough, push a bit at a time along the corrugated maker with the edge of a knife, boil a bit and then drain, in the same pan heat milk, butter, corn starch until thick, add cheese and parsley.

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The packaged roast coffee

The packaged roast coffee

Arab Coffee

I had never heard of Arab coffee until Hassan came from Kuwait to stay with me.  It’s drunk in very small amounts slightly more than an ounce or two,  and really tastes more like a tea than coffee.    The coffee is roasted extremely blonde, coarsely ground and then boiled for about 10 minutes with cardamom seeds.  The light roast means hardly any caffeine is lost, which is why they drink it in such small amounts.


Espresso Roast

The raw beans

The raw beans



Espresso roast development is underway at the Jabali. First attempt today using Sumatra Mandgeling. Set Behmor for 9:00 and extended roast about 30 seconds, would have extended more but the roaster stopped allowing me to add more time. I’ll try 10:00 program time next.